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A Wizarding Icon Challenge
LIMS 2009 
16th-Aug-2009 09:15 pm
Harry Potter: 3

What is LIMS?
LIMS stands for "Last Icon Maker Standing." In a LIMS competition, instead of awarding winners we vote off icon makers each week. The people who aren't eliminated are allowed to enter the next week's contest where we'll eliminate more contestants. The person to win the contest is, of course, the last icon maker standing... It's kinda elite, but its very fun and it's a great way to perfect one's work.

What will be the timeline?
The LIMS competition is going to run all week. Challenges will be up Mon 6pm - Fri 6pm and voting will run Fri 6pm - Mon 6pm, when the new challenge will be posted. I know that leaves out the weekend for iconing, but for those entering both the LIMS and the regular challenges it should be easier to handle both, and all in all it's not such a different schedulle than our regular one which should avoid having too much confusion. Do note that I set the times back a few hours to give me enough time during the weeks where I'll be running both the regular challenges and the LIMS, please enter before 6pm, not 8pm.

What about the regular challenges?
The LIMS competition will NOT interfere with the regular challenges. We will run both every week independently so you will be able to choose which one to enter. If you are looking to enter both LIMS and the regular challenges every week, you should manage to enter the LIMS between Monday and Friday and leave the regular challenges for the weekend.

What are the rules for LIMS?
You have to sign-up on this post to be eligible for the lims competition. You have to enter every week until you are voted off (or voted last icon maker standing). Failure to enter the contest in any given week (unless you have a skip) will eliminate you from the rest of the LIMS competition. Once you are eliminated you cannot enter in the lims competition again...

How do skips work?
Everyone will start with a skip, this means you will be able to skip the competition for any week you choose. If you get a skip and want to use it, please let me know beforehand, once you've used it that skip is gone. If you don't enter and you have a skip, I will assume that you want to use the skip and you will not be eliminated. However, if you enter (not using a skip) and you are voted off, your skip is lost... If you go through two rounds (any two rounds, they don't have to be consecutive) of the LIMS without getting any votes, you will be granted an extra skip, yet this can only be achieved once. Once we've reached the last five contestants your skips will be of no use to make the competition fairier.

What if I have plans that interfere with the LIMS?
If you are on vacation or you have some other plans that will keep you from entering, and you don't want to drop out of the LIMS, you can request an advance. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that you get your advance and get your icon in beforehand, which also means you will have to give me at least a week notice for me to put the challenges together. You may ask for up to three advances in a LIMS round, and you can use these all in a row or one at a time (ie: if you go out of town for three weeks, you can use them all at once). I shall make a post in due time for you to ask for them.

How does the voting work?
As I said before, voting will run Firday - Monday. When the poll goes up, you must vote in COMMENT FORM (I will give you a template to make things easier). You will have to vote against three icons you dislike and for one icon you like. You must provide reasons with your votes or they will not count! These will have to be well founded, art is always subjective but it can't be a comment like "I don't like it" or "I hate red", it has to refer to what you believe to be failures in technique. I will reserve the right to approve these comments and, were I not pleased with them, ask for them to be resubmitted properly.

How does the scoring/results work?
On Monday when I close the poll, all of the votes will be added up to determine who gets voted off. For example: Icon #1 gets 5 votes against it but 1 vote for it (5 - 1 = 4). Icon #2 gets 5 votes against it, but no votes for it (5 - 0 = 5)... Icon #2 would be eliminated.

What if I want to read the comments about my icons?
The voting comments will NOT be unscreened. However, on each results post I will list all the positive and negative comments grouped acording to their icon number so that you may read them. This way the identity of the voter remains secret, preventing future hard feelings and disagreements.

When will the LIMS start?
This LIMS will start on Monday, August 31st... This gives you TWO WEEKS to sign-up, which should be enough time. If you want to let the word be spread around be my guest!

When will the LIMS end?
There is no specific ending date, it will depend on how this whole thing develops... We'll be voting off a good 2-3 people for a few weeks, and then once it's thinned out we'll drop it down to 1-2, and then down to one a week once it nears the end... This will be subject to change depending on how many people signs up.

OK! How do I sign-up for LIMS?
Just comment on this entry with your username!Comments are screened!

I am going by the HONOR SYSTEM here, and I trust that you guys are following the community rules. This LIMS is a special challenge that I have to work harder on in a community that I already work very hard to keep up. If you abuse the rules, I will not hesitate to take action against you!!! Were you to be found...

... asking people to vote for your icons...
... signing into several different accounts to vote...
... requesting an advance to later sit at home enjoying the extra advantage...
... sharing your advance with another person...

... you will be ELIMINATED FROM THE LIMS and put on OBSERVATION for the regular challenges. Were you to be caught doing the same fault twice you'll be BANNED FROM THE COMMUNITY, so those of you who've had issues in the past be extra careful.

Who else is competing in the LIMS?
1. beauty_untold
2. narniacmr
3. salphone
4. hinky
5. gotfame
6. neutrals
7. lorsi
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