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A Wizarding Icon Challenge
This week's caps challenge is The Order of the Phoenix.I've… 
24th-Aug-2009 07:37 pm
Harry Potter: 3 Hermiones B&W
This week's caps challenge is The Order of the Phoenix.I've included some screen caps for you, please use ONLY the screencaps provided.

Rules for this challenge:
- due 5:00 pm on , Monday, August 31st (EST)
- you can enter up to five (5) icons
- must be a member to participate
- must be within the LJ limit
- animation is allowed
- blending is allowed
- icons must be new, and never been seen/used before
- brushes, gradients, textures, texts, etc may be used
- stock images to enhance is fine, but should not draw the main focus away

Submit your entries to this challenge post as a comment, and include the image and URL.

Any questions for this challenge, please leave a comment to this challenge post, in a comment without your challenge entries so I can unscreen it.

Caps Entries: 00
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